Healthy Children – The American Academy of Pediatrics produces this site full of wide-ranging child care and family topics.

Symptom Checker – View the KidsDoc Symptom Checker from

Centers for Disease Control – The Centers for Disease Control site is a great resource on prevention and a great number of answers to everyday questions.  This is the authoritative site for health related questions about traveling outside the United States.

Seattle Children’s Hospital – The Seattle Children’s Hospital site provides answers to many common and uncommon questions.

Web MD – Children’s Web MD provides comprehensive: information on child health care and parenting.

Vaccine Information – The Centers for Disease Control site contains comprehensive information about vaccines and immunizations. The CDC also maintains an immunization schedule which provides both the normal schedule as well as one for catch-up in the event your child has missed a vaccination.

Insurance Company Advice Lines – Your insurance company may provide an advice line where you can consult with a registered nurse 24 hours a day free of charge. We have listed some below. (Please consult your insurance card for the most recent information and phone numbers.)


Group Health Cooperative – 800-297-6877

LifeWise – 1-800-841-8343

Premera – 1-800-841-8343, 877-728-9020

Regence – 1-800-267-6729

United Health Care – 1-800-237-4936

United Health Care Community – 877-440-9409